A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Please be advised that this visual novel contains death, gore, dismemberment, animal cruelty, execution, imprisonment, and suicide from high places.

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Alice falls down the rabbit hole into a Wonderland not quite right. Meeting an eclectic collection of people, animals, and some things in between, she sets out on an adventure in this odd new place to find the missing Red Queen. Or, more specifically, to find the pieces of the dismembered queen whose body has been strewn across the land.


  • ~35k words
  • 3 major endings and plenty of dead ends
  • 8 CGs with simple animations
  • Accessibility options
  • A CG gallery, a music room, and an achieved endings screen



who-is-the-red-queen-win-linux.zip 252 MB
Version 1.13 49 days ago
who-is-the-red-queen-osx.zip 217 MB
Version 1.13 49 days ago

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This Game is Very Good not only the art but the history too i give this a 10/10, Good Job 



This game is great so far and I love the art.


This was a really nice game! The art and music were beautiful, and the writing style really stood out to me. Unfortunately, I was able to guess the ending because I've read Through the Looking Glass, but I enjoyed the story despite that (and also kudos for all the references to that book).

Also, can I just mention how cool all the optional scenes are? I have all three endings, and I'm still coming across new moments. I love it!


One fail and a few suspicions confirmed later, I am very glad I played this. Thank you.


Played this on a Macbook Air, and loved the game. There were a few issues on the technical level: firstly I could not save and the error message always showed up, but I managed all 3 endings and it was awesome (i liked both the white queen and the hatter equally). The game crashed once (which reset my entire game history aka script seen number). After the crash, there were weird glitches on the images for hatter and white queen, where the hatter's mouth would be a rose and the queen... welp she just disappear but there were her enlarged freaking pair of eyes at the bottom of the screen lmao, it was hilarious. Not sure if this was a thing with my Mac or a glitch that could be fixed


uhh… i hope you’re okay, this sounds like the average creepypasta history, you migh be MIA rn


this game is so sad i love it. everybody loves hatter i want to marry her


Hi, I was just wondering what kind of animal cruelty this contains, and which animal(s)?

It sounds interesting, and I love Alice in Wonderland media, but unfortunately I'm not so good with specific animal deaths/abuse/etc.


Animals depicted in this game include birds, rodent, rabbits, and albeit a bit of a stretch, cat. If it helps, all scenes of animal death and harm are only described in text and not shown visually.


This is an absolute masterpiece, made me cry and feel an emotion i havent felt before. 1000/10 thank you so much for making it


No spoilers here but I got Alice's ending and I think I can wholeheartedly say Hatter's route made me cry (quite a bit) 

Both the UI design and the art of the game is amazing!!!


Who is the Red Queen? is one of the VNs that I always find myself replaying occasionally. For a jam game, this visual novel is easily on par with most industry-standard VNs nowadays. The UI was stylish and astounding, including configurations that are rare to see in most VNs. The music and all the effects blended in really well. Surely, lots of work must have been put into this one. On top of that, the writing is a phenomenon. All the dialogue is well written and cleverly crafted to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience for the audience. I always feel at ease whenever I reread it. It was so beautiful!


I absolutely adore this game! The characters and environments in this game are beautifully designed and vibrant in colour, the three endings are rather easy to reach, yet end the story in interesting ways, and the soundtrack is lovely to listen to, even when not playing the game. I especially liked the piece called "Down the Rabbit Hole". I find myself humming it while I'm busy in the day! 

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It was a really great game overall, the red color palette on this game is beautiful. I had fun trying to figure the dead ends on my own and I liked White Rabbit's design. :>

Character-wise, Mad Hatter's def my fav, in her first appearence I like her already.


(Maybe spoilers??? adding this before writing the comment just in case- future me says there is no huge spoilers)

The game was amazing! It was such a pleasure to read and the art was gorgeous (the court CG was my favorite). I really enjoyed uncovering the story piece by piece, even if I figured out a few early on! It was (surprisingly) less grim than I expected- no complains there though, because I still ended up crying during Mad hatter's route. Why must all good things end? :'>


Amazing, spectacular work. Dialogue was clever and memorable. I loved the art. Wish it was longer I enjoyed it too much I did not want it to end. (Mad hatter is my fav for sure, I loved her)


An absolutely wonderful game, though I will be honest that I came for the gore. Did not expect to actually tear up at the Hatter's ending.

I am slightly disappointed however that the Red Queen's ending could only be seen on one of their routes, not from both with some variations depending on who you liked more.


this is a truly great game, thank you for your hard work ! i had lots of fun playing this and completing all that there was, i can't wait for future projects that fall to bare similar elements as 'who is the red queen?' 


Welp....I loved this game! I have been sitting here for about 9 hours ccording to itch and I just cnt figure out the third ending--
 i tried eveerything and tbh I am exausted

this was the best game I have played and tbh I will keep trying to get the ending after I rest a lil XD

help is much appreciated just saying--


Thanks for playing!

If you're having trouble finding an ending, I recommend checking out the 100% Completion Guide


I actually found the page on my own and after giving this game my all as it deserves I desided to look at them and get the last ending and OH BOY I WAS SITTING THERE SHOUTING AND BEING GOOFY FOR 15 MINUTES!!
I was so happy and the ending as amazing! the Hatter endings feel so much more natural than the White Queen's
this game as trully a wonderful experience and I cant stop thinking about itttt
amazing game!


I've always loved Lewis Carroll's 'Alice's Adventures' (as opposed to Disney's), and 'Who is the Red Queen?' had Carroll vibes, for sure. I really loved playing, though I'm a sucker for any Alice themed absurdity. I completed all 3 endings and dead-ends, and my heart belongs with the White Queen. I wish there was more relationship with Cheshire, as the Cat was always my favorite of Carroll's characters. Nonetheless, 5/5, fun, short, and beautifully made! 

Hey, I'm looking for a new horror game to play, but I don't do well with jumpscares- does this have any?


This game doesn't have any jumpscares although there are some in-story surprises and screen shake effects that can be turned off. If you decide to play Who is the Red Queen?, I hope you enjoy!


good to know! thank you!


I am so glad I ended upon this game! I adored both routes, although my heart belongs only to the Mad Hatter <3. I'm not sure whether this VN will have a sequel or anything of the sort, but I'm looking forward all the other possible games you'll create! Hope you're having a great day and, thank you for this masterpiece :)



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I loved this VN! I REALLY enjoyed hanging out with Mad Hatter. I loved her art, expressions, and her lines.  The music that played when we danced together at the end touched my heart. I stared at the cutscene with mixed emotions.

 As much as I wanted a happy ending with Mad Hatter, I feel like the ending to her route was more fitting.

I just wish that I could have seen her falling with me.


Started playing through this one! The art style is so clean and pleasing to the eyes! The juxtaposition of the cute visuals with the subject matter is something I absolutely adore, as well.

I haven't finished yet but I'm pretty sure I'll be going back to see how I can change things when I do. First part right here!


Just wanted to update that I finished the game and I freaking love it. Did all three endings. Everything tied together really well and I'll never forget this :)


This is such an ambitious visual novel! Thank you for making it. I love the interface design of the different menus and the added features, like seeing what percentage of the screen was seen, and displaying the textbox in the Preferences screen. I am always happy to see adaptations of Alice in Wonderland, and this was a fun addition.

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This was lovely! I have such a weakness for Wonderland-themed anything so I was bound to like it,, but still!

Started out thinking “wow I truly don’t vibe with Mad Hatter” but her route and ending ended up being very touching (the “past” tea party scenes with Dormouse and March Hare are just perfect).
I liked the casual gorey horror and the nonsense narration and White Rabbit’s true colours, I was also super fond of the Down the Rabbit Ho[L]e theme! You all did such a good job!


Heyy glad you liked my piece hehe :3 Thanks for the lovely comments! <3

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This game is so great that I create an account to comment it.

The soundtrack,sprites and the echo to the carroll’s work are all great.

I’d like to paid to get an artbook of  it(if there is one).

Sorry for the poor grammar,not an native speaker.

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also,seems like all the[]charaters is a reply to the title,as an response to it,am I right?

(my favorite one is the[A]lice returns,seems like it's called the battle impact in some relative sections)

Yeah exactly! All the tracks spell out "Alice" :) I can link you the piece if you want, just message me!

I'll appreciate that!But how to “message”?For

now I’m not quite familiar with this website……

I'll just link it for you here: https://soundcloud.com/lyraden/sets/who-is-the-red-queen-official-soundtrack :)

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In two of the "not so relative" characters , Cheshire draw my attention more. Feels a little sad that She has gone after losing an arm. Even she did't being thrown off the cliff,she would still died because of losing too much blood,won't she(

Thank you for enjoying!! At this moment, there are no plans for an artbook.

Please edit out the spoilers from your reply comments or move them into the first comment with a mark saying (SPOILER) and sufficient spacing.

(Longer comments have a "view rest" toggle that can prevent people who are casually scrolling from accidentally spoiling the plot for themselves)


Thank you so much for the kind words!! It's people like you that make all the hard work worth it :)

It's my luck to meet the great developers like you too(and sorry for the grammar again (・□・、)


i like the art! so ketchup-y tho O_o happy halloween everyone!!

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this game has such pretty art im <3 for it

Cheshire probably has my favorite design, but the other girls are very cute too (im always a sucker for white-haired purple-eyed characters too, as the White Queen is making me realize~)

The writing for this was very fun to follow and very well crafted. There's a lot of intrigue as to what's going on and I like how the story we know of Alice in Wonderland seems to intertwine into this variation.

Also love how the VN uses camera shake (I think? Can't seem remember what it's called in renpy gjgjhgffgjg) to engage the reader in the story. During the (Spoilers) scene where Cheshire attacks the player and gets her arm ripped off, both the epic music and the screen shaking really makes me feel like im taking the protagonist's place for a hot second lol

Regardless! This was a cool visual novel to read/playthrough so thanks to you all who made this for creating a fun game!!


Dang, I was not expecting it to be so gorey, guess I should pay attention to warnings lol XD. got two dead ends before finally getting hatter. Amazing production!


geat game


every ending made me cry thank you so much 10/10


Right?? ;;u;; My heart is still hurting over Hatter, Shino's writing continues to be incredible!!

Thank you for playing our game, we're glad you enjoyed it!


Best game ever


Glad you enjoyed our game :3 Thanks for commenting!