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Good GrayScale Game


this was such a beautiful game, I loved it. I love mythology, reincarnation, and wlw relationships, so this was perfect <3 it's also so beautiful aesthetically and the music is AMAZING. thank you so much

This was a really cute little story! I enjoyed the mythological aspect, and the monochromatic art was very aesthetically pleasing. My only thing of note is that the ending was slightly abrupt, though this could easily be fixed with a 'The end' screen or a fade to black with some additional dialogue. Great job :)


I was wondering if you'd be interested in having your game localized to French? I'm looking to expand my translation portfolio so I'd be more than happy to work on translating your game (for free ofc!!) Let me know if you'd be interested! 


Short and sweet, and so well executed! I really enjoyed this, the art was captivating despite (because of?) its simplicity, and the story was laid out so well. Great job!

Beautiful game!


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I really enjoyed your modern take on this legend!


Thank you!! Happy slightly belated Mid-Autumn Festival!

i love your all games.

It was so great and romantic! I'd love to know if it's possible to doing a translation to Turkish!

Thank you for enjoying!

I don't have any particular plans translation-wise, but I am always open if anyone is interested in helping translate (my Twitter DMs should be open for contact) although it would have to be completely volunteer work. Maybe one day, the game will be available in more languages (^^

this was wonderful :) thank you for writing and sharing this story!

thank you for enjoying!

Oh wow, what a wonderful and sweet kinetic novel! I do wish the ending was a little bit more...drawn out? (At the very least, a fade to black before returning to the menu.) But it was still super heartfelt and had me gripped in the final couple scenes! (I definitely teared up at the end!!) Thank you for making it <3

Thank you!! \(^^)/ I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed!

Thank you for the feedback as well (^^

I love seeing romance stories told from unusual perspectives and the ending was beautiful! 😭

\(^^)/ thank you!

this was delightful! i can't remember the last time a game had me tearing up like that. the mood of it was distinctive and really entrancing... what a beautifully told story

aaaaah thank you!


Thoroughly enjoyed playing Moon Archer Shooting Stars! ^O^ 

A beautiful interpretation of the story of Chang'e, and one executed in such a manner as to not require the reader to have knowledge of the tale (though that certainly helps.)

As with your O2A2 entry I found the minimal style particularly riveting and enjoyable, melancholic and self-aware. You have such a lovely style overall. I really am exciting for everything you plan to put out moving forward!

Thank you!! Hohoho I hope you'll enjoy my future stuffs too \(^^)/


This story exposed me to a Chinese fable that I wasn't at all familiar with, but that's part of my love for this. I'm always thankful of media that expose me to traditional stories of another real-world culture and makes it its own; it's often a celebration of a heritage only the creator can bring alive so uniquely. In this re-imagining, I found myself drawing new conclusions every time I learned a new piece of information about this mysterious heroine, working out how the device of the fable relates to this love story. This work provoked a gasp out of me more than once, I'm proud to admit, and it caught me by surprise a few times. It was a real rollercoaster for me, and just when I thought I'd be left with a tragedy, or something bittersweet, I get one final surprise. With such cleanly minimal art and scripting, the narrative really shines and I am genuinely impressed.


yeyyyy \(^^)/

I really love the aesthetic - pure, simple, and elegant - that really ties together this re-imagining of a classic legend. There are some ups and downs, but I'm so grateful for the happy ending!

Thank you!! \(^^)/

Very emotional story, made even someone who is as dead on the inside as me tear up a little. This is peak story writing.

aww thanks!!

I really enjoyed this visual novel. I love the art (the limited colour palette is very striking, the character sprites looks cute, and I like the way there are frames around different objects) and the story left me very emotional by the end. Great work!


I'm happy to hear! Yey~ (^^) hohoho I'm glad the BG cut-in frames worked well

i was gonna wait for my gf to give her input on this game, bc i wanted a more complete comment, but i’m impatient!!! anyways, this game went HARD.. the art, the writing ... mama mia bro

aww thank you!! (^^)

This visual novel is absolutely adorable!! The writing brought tears to my eyes, and the art was so simplistically beautiful. I love it so much.

Yeyyy \(^^)/

Nice black and white! Hope you won the jam! Just finished a jam entree myself.

This game is so beautiful! Everything from the sprites to the cut-in style effects really make it enthralling to read. I love it!


aaaah thank youuuu!!!! I'm so happy the cut-ins worked to make it look good! \(^^)/

Such a beautiful story, played it for a whole hour. The writing and the storytelling was simply beautiful that it leaves me speechless and almost makes me tears up from time to time. You're a great writer.

thank you!!! \(^^)/



Eh, not that good of a speaker and probably boring. Sorry for those who watches it.

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Ahhh! Such cute art, but a really compelling story and poetic writing!!! I also loved the introduction to Chinese mythology and history as well! Really cute yuri story would recommend for anyone who wants to read a short cute kinetic novel!

thank youuuu \(^^)/