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The gatekeeper of an elevator to the moon meets day after day a girl without papers. An archer pining for her love shoots messages to the moon as shooting stars.

In a world where humanity's first explorations to the moon found not a barren planet but a place where legends came true, two girls meet at an elevator to the moon. The beautiful immortal Chang'e lives on the moon while these two wait on Earth for something.



  • English
  • Español (latam)

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  • ~5000 words



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this was delightful! i can't remember the last time a game had me tearing up like that. the mood of it was distinctive and really entrancing... what a beautifully told story

aaaaah thank you!

Thoroughly enjoyed playing Moon Archer Shooting Stars! ^O^ 

A beautiful interpretation of the story of Chang'e, and one executed in such a manner as to not require the reader to have knowledge of the tale (though that certainly helps.)

As with your O2A2 entry I found the minimal style particularly riveting and enjoyable, melancholic and self-aware. You have such a lovely style overall. I really am exciting for everything you plan to put out moving forward!

Thank you!! Hohoho I hope you'll enjoy my future stuffs too \(^^)/

This story exposed me to a Chinese fable that I wasn't at all familiar with, but that's part of my love for this. I'm always thankful of media that expose me to traditional stories of another real-world culture and makes it its own; it's often a celebration of a heritage only the creator can bring alive so uniquely. In this re-imagining, I found myself drawing new conclusions every time I learned a new piece of information about this mysterious heroine, working out how the device of the fable relates to this love story. This work provoked a gasp out of me more than once, I'm proud to admit, and it caught me by surprise a few times. It was a real rollercoaster for me, and just when I thought I'd be left with a tragedy, or something bittersweet, I get one final surprise. With such cleanly minimal art and scripting, the narrative really shines and I am genuinely impressed.


yeyyyy \(^^)/

I really love the aesthetic - pure, simple, and elegant - that really ties together this re-imagining of a classic legend. There are some ups and downs, but I'm so grateful for the happy ending!

Thank you!! \(^^)/

Very emotional story, made even someone who is as dead on the inside as me tear up a little. This is peak story writing.

aww thanks!!

I really enjoyed this visual novel. I love the art (the limited colour palette is very striking, the character sprites looks cute, and I like the way there are frames around different objects) and the story left me very emotional by the end. Great work!


I'm happy to hear! Yey~ (^^) hohoho I'm glad the BG cut-in frames worked well

i was gonna wait for my gf to give her input on this game, bc i wanted a more complete comment, but i’m impatient!!! anyways, this game went HARD.. the art, the writing ... mama mia bro

aww thank you!! (^^)

This visual novel is absolutely adorable!! The writing brought tears to my eyes, and the art was so simplistically beautiful. I love it so much.

Yeyyy \(^^)/

Nice black and white! Hope you won the jam! Just finished a jam entree myself. https://itch.io/jam/neoc02-spacejam/rate/714795

This game is so beautiful! Everything from the sprites to the cut-in style effects really make it enthralling to read. I love it!


aaaah thank youuuu!!!! I'm so happy the cut-ins worked to make it look good! \(^^)/

Such a beautiful story, played it for a whole hour. The writing and the storytelling was simply beautiful that it leaves me speechless and almost makes me tears up from time to time. You're a great writer.

thank you!!! \(^^)/


Eh, not that good of a speaker and probably boring. Sorry for those who watches it.

(1 edit)

Ahhh! Such cute art, but a really compelling story and poetic writing!!! I also loved the introduction to Chinese mythology and history as well! Really cute yuri story would recommend for anyone who wants to read a short cute kinetic novel!

thank youuuu \(^^)/