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I am the villainess’ nameless follower A, but it seems that she knows my name.

I awake from my nightmares moments too late, and she is already imprisoned for her crimes as fated. Oh, if only, if only I could change our endings, the ending written in the novel that I have just now learned we live in.

A girl realizes that the world she inhabits is that of a novel whose plot has already passed the point of no return.



  • English
  • Español (latam) - Diego A
  • Português Brasileiro - Ony

To change language, please go to [PREF] and select your language of preference.


  • <1000 words
  • 1 Sprite, 1 Expression
  • 1 BG
  • 1 Soundtrack

Please enjoy this short, bite-sized story!


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Version 1.3
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Version 1.3
FollowerA-original-pc.zip 30 MB
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Interesting, I've never played a game that was intentionally just a self-contained prologue before. It doesn't count as an actual cliffhanger. I like it.

I definitely would like to see more games and especially more anime/manga/light novel stories like this one.


It was melancholic and sad in a quiet way, the way that Eletea realized late about the reality and how much she adored the "villainess", just hurts so much even though it felt as though the narrative felt detached in a way. But the fact that Eletea had a second chance makes me hopeful, after all, all the pain she had to go through could be finally unleashed. I pray for Lady Galatea's safety and happiness.



i absolutely loved the story to this! even though i would've loved a longer version the way this gives just the right about of story really makes it special! i'm a huge sucker for for an unchangeable plot and this was no exception! 100% loved this

Hello, I'm Nagasari Ferrea and I'm a Malaysian VTuber. May I stream this game on YouTube and suggest it to my fellow VTuber friends?

Sure thing! (^^)b



Good story and well written.

I made the gameplay on Youtube, you can watch it if you want.


I absolutely LOVE villainess stories so I was rlly hyped to have found this game, the story is great but my heart is crying on more ways than one, I need moarr


Very great game 5 stars

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Five Stars!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is the second game I’ve played from 4noki and as always I love the way it was written. I loved how it all came together. I’m also hoping there will be a sequel or continuation to see the outcome of the new loop from the ending! I hope there’s a way to rescue the supposed “villainess”. I want the lady to have her happy ending huhuhu. Anyways you did an amazing job! ♡​​​​

An enjoyable game with an interesting story and well written dialogue ^^

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-Made a Video.

-The Game: 07:58 (The 2nd Game)

"another great game made by 4noki! loved it!"


Great Game. You are more successful than me 👍.

Google Chrome has detected malware from this download. It is a false positive?

It should be a false positive, but just in case I will rebuild and re-upload the 1.2-pc build since this does not usually happen. Unfortunately, many games made in Ren'Py (the engine used for this game) will be wrongly flagged.

If you're planning to read it in English only, I recommend downloading the build labeled original for whatever OS you're using since that is made in a slightly older version and should not trigger Chrome.

Okay, thanks for reply! Have a good day!

I really liked this game, one thing i hated about it. It was to Short! lol, thats okay though, i really wanted to see more of this, but take all your time with the sequel, i can't wait to play it. right when it ended was right when it got really good, a novel that the girl is aware of and you possibly fail multiple times to get the right ending, would be awesome, kinda reminds me of the anime Re:zero a little, just without all the gruesome deaths, keep it up

I also did a video of it to

Thank you for enjoying!!

Will There be a continution of this Because I love it!

Thank you! \(^^)

A sequel is planned in the works. Though it's going pretty slowly

i loved it so much!

thank you for makink this 

aaaa thank you! \(^^)/

i love this! but im having a little trouble getting the ending :// is there any way to get it? thank you <3

thank you for playing! (^^)/ 

Follower A is kinetic, so there are no choices. The ending might be a bit open ended right now, causing some confusion. Is the game crashing instead of returning to the home screen after the ending? 

I'm planning for a sequel sometime in the future where there will be choices and the girls will be able to get their happy ending. (^^)b


I kid you not, I replayed after the ending because I thought it'd be some Doki Doki Literature thing where you had to replay to proceed. I love the writing and the premise. I so wanna see her change the ending. Will you be continuing this?


Thank you for playing!! I'm super happy to hear you liked the writing and premise!

I don't currently have a continuation planned out, but ohhh, you're giving me ideas...! Perhaps a continuation will come soon enough...

Oooh! Thanks for the reply. I hope things go well!

Without spoiling anything, loved the ending and the way it all came together. Great job!

Thank you!! I'm super happy you loved the ending :DDD

Wow, this is really powerful! You did a lovely job capturing such a feeling and the simplicity that went with the challenge really made it all the more moving I feel. You made a really lovely story and I adored the ending! 💕

Amazing work!


Thank youuu!! \(^^)/ I'm super happy to hear that! I'm glad the ending is well received!