OST and fun facts!

This is a slightly delayed notice, but if you liked the songs in tender feelings like water, the OST has been released here!

Time flies, doesn't it? Already, a year has passed since the release of this short story about the spirit and the girl in red.

The title tender feelings like water comes from the Chinese idiom 柔情似水, meaning a deep and profound affection, originating from the poem, "Immortals at the Magpie Bridge" (鹊桥仙), a love poem featuring the Cowherd and Weaver Girl from that story in Chinese mythology. Think Ancient Chinese Romeo and Juliet without the dying part.

Reading the story, you might have been curious about the names of the water spirit and the girl in red. Perhaps you were disappointed that their names were never said in the story proper, or perhaps you thought that I simply never named them. However, in fact, they did have names! For one reason or another, their names just never got put into the story.

To satisfy your curiosity, here are their names:

  • The girl in red: (雯淑燕) Wen Shuyan
  • The water spirit: (洪娴) Hong Xian

There may be no point in a water spirit having a name. In fact, it may even be strange for the water spirit to have a name, but the name she does have, and it's a precious name that the girl in red likes to call her with.

If you're curious about the meanings of their names, pulling up a Chinese dictionary won't hurt.

For the time being, the story of these two girls has ended. Do you believe that they've properly reached their happy ending? I hope you enjoyed tender feelings like water.

If you haven't played it yet, definitely do go ahead and read it!

On other news,

If you enjoyed tender feelings like water and like stories set in Ancient China with a bit of fantasy involved, you might enjoy from that moment she neglected the world.

An immortal fairy picks up a disciple, raising the disciple so that one day the disciple may slay her and fulfill the end of a prophecy in which the immortal must either die or cause the end of the world.

A xianxia yuri kinetic novel released for NaNoRenO this year!

Until next time.

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Their names are elegant!

speaking of “柔情似水” ← I goes: "? I don't think I know about this poem?"

speaking of “两情若是久长时,又岂在朝朝暮暮。” ← me: "ohhhhh I get it!!"

I learnt these ancient poems in a careless way at school, even though I knew they're beautiful_(:з」∠)_

Your games really make me aware of the poetic feelings in these poems again!


Thank you!! (o´▽`o) I'm happy that my games can convey the beauty of the ancient poems to you again!