Lachesis or Atropos Steam Delay (7/18)

The Lachesis or Atropos Steam release (and corresponding itch update) will be delayed to July 18th due to the original date’s overlap with the Steam Summer Sale.

Mana says "Steam?" and the abyss responds "Sale"

Although Valve let us set our original date to publish on Steam, Valve then contacted us to recommend pushing the date back as our release’s initial algorithm boost would overlap with the Steam Summer Sale.

As it turns out, new releases on Steam get a period of algorithmic visibility boosting. Unfortunately, if your new release algo boost period overlaps with a major Steam event such as the Steam Summer Sale, then your boost is destroyed. The eternal battle between indie dev and storefront algorithm…?

As such, we’ve decided to push back the date of the Lachesis or Atropos Steam release to July 18. Thank you for the patience, everyone.

I’d like to note that the extra music, art, and other content are all in the game. Please look forward to the updated edition of our horror-mystery yuri visual novel Lachesis or Atropos!

If you haven’t yet and use Steam, why not drop us a wishlist? (And as always, you can play the jam edition on itch right now if you don’t want to wait)

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